Webhooks allow Coral to automatically pull changes to the pages and/or themes from a git repository. This installation is for example automatically synced from ~tijlvdb/coral-wiki. Coral supports the following providers: Gitea, GitLab, GitHub and Manual.

The config.example.php file explains well how to configure webhooks. It is as simple as giving the correct URL and secret to Gitea/GitLab/GitHub.

Manual provider

The manual provider can be used when you want to trigger an update from a simple POST request. The body of the request should be secret=xxxxx. Here's an example SourceHut build file that makes use of this feature:

image: alpine/edge
    - 6ab4896d-957e-4c33-b5ec-655090c3115c
    - deploy: |
          curl -X POST -d @.coral-secret